Welcome to the Women’s Ministry Page of my blog!

I have been serving as the Women’s Ministry Leader of the Boston International Christian Church since it was first planted back in September of 2012, and I was appointed a Women’s Ministry Leader in God’s mighty Kingdom in August of 2013.  This has been nothing short of the adventure of a lifetime, and I’m humbled that God has called me to such an immense task. Serving in the Ministry could not be done, had God not called me to it. God has worked through me for every ounce of victory he has shown me and comforted and taught me through every single defeat. I know God has called me to this incredible task, and I am committed to serving and loving God’s Kingdom forever.


I’m pleased to be able to share with you some of the lessons God has put on my heart, as well as some encouraging news from your sisters in Boston! Please enjoy the links below!


*Disclaimer: I still have some editing to do! Please bear with me as this blog is a work in progress.






 Older Lessons: