Welcome to the Proverbs 31 page of my blog! On this page, you will find all sorts of topics related to my being a wife, mother, home keeper, crafter, and pretty much anything else! This includes anything from our family photos to my favorite recipes.

To get us started, you will find below a short monolog about the very special day that I married Coltin, and where I get my inspiration to be the best wife and mother possible. I hope you enjoy the Proverbs 31 page of my blog!


His Wife-

Over 5 years ago on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Long Beach, California, I married Coltin Rohn!


I absolutely love being his wife, and I’m so grateful that I have the proverbs 31 woman to look to as a great example of how to be a godly wife. In addition to the stellar example of a wife we find in Proverbs 31, I look in awe upon the many living examples that surround me within God’s Kingdom.


The woman we read about in Proverbs 31is the epitome of life, and Godliness, and so when it comes to a perfect example to look to for inspiration… all eyes are on her!

A woman who’s worth exceeds that of rubies, a woman who is admirable, beautiful, hardworking, compassionate and praiseworthy.


Truth be told I have so much to learn from her, and I so desire to imitate her and implement as many of her remarkable qualities into my life as I can!


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*Disclaimer: This story is not for the scared expected mother, or the faint of heart


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