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French Onion Soup 

It’s stormy today in Orange County California, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the pouring rain, and whistling wind.

This time of year I love to serve my family steamy savory soups that help ward off any winter woes. 

One of our favorites is French Onion Soup! I hope you enjoy my recipe as much as we do: 

1st-  Wash & peel your onions. I use about 5-6 at a time

2nd- Cook onions in about 3/4 stick of real butter on medium to high heat until carmalized. When onions are almost done carmelizing add a heap of minced garlic.

3rd- slightly reduce heat & add 1/2 cup of flour to the already well carmalized onions and stir. 

4th Slightly brown flour.

5th Add 1/4 cup of red wine to deglaze and simmer for  5-10 minutes 

6- get ready to add beef broth 

Should look something like this before you add the broth to the mix! (Slowly add two cartons of broth) 

Season and simmer! 

I add a splash of basalmic vinegar and soy sauce to strengthen and warm the taste!

Then add dry seasonings such as thyme, tsp. of brown sugar, salt and a tiny bit of nutmeg. Rosemary is also a favored option! 

**Helpful hint- Seasonings can be costly. The bagged seasoning in the international section of the grocery store are far more affordable! **

Simmer on low 15-20 min…

Then add bread (preferably bagged “toast”)

*Such a convenient find! 🙂

Generously lavish in cheese. Muenster and Swiss or preferable, however you can use what you have. I had shredded mozzarella in the fridge and so I went with that. 

If you have an oven safe pan, transfer it into the oven and slightly broil in order to brown the cheese (of course make sure there are no kiddos in the kitchen!) 

Serve and enjoy! 

💜  Mandee 

Summer Salad or Splendid Side Dish 

Well Hello! 

I threw some random ingredients together last week, and the result was yummmazzing! 

So I decided to share the recipe with you. 


-One can of white beans 

-One can of shredded chicken breast (precooked) 

-Sun dried tomoatos (I used a large handful of the chipotle flavored) 

-Shedded cheese (I used a large handful of mozzarella)

-mayonnaise (3/4 cup) 

-Salt to taste 


Gently heat the chicken & white beans in a sauce pan on the stove – remove from heat to cool

Mash the avacodo in a bowl with the mayonnaise and salt 

Then mix all the ingredients is a salad bowl! 

Enjoy warm or chilled! 



Eat your veggies! 

Hello Mamas!

This ones for you. 

I’m the incredibly blessed mother of two little girls, ages 1 1/2 and a soon to be 5 year old. 

My youngest Trina eats pretty much anything!! As a matter of fact she ate almost an entire tomato for breakfast this morning. 

On the other hand Hailee is sooo picky. Dinner time is a battle, as she has even requested to go to bed early to avoid tasting anything new. Even though I granted permission I was a perplexed when she literally went to her room, and tucked herself in for the night. 

For a few years she really struggled with constipation, and I eventually turned to a laxative called miralax (reluctantly) and the naked juice drinks. I was desperately trying to help her to get things moving! 

The miralax,  and the naked juice drinks helped out some. However the preblended drinks are costly, and as you know the miralax is a supplement. I really want my little one to eat her veggies, and solve this in the healthiest and easiest possible way. 

Though we have made great progress, she still needs to develop a healthy diet. 

So what is a mom to do?? 

-Cry? Maybe.

-Beg her to eat her veggies? Of course! 

-Try to sneak them onto an occasional sandwich? Absolutely! 

I’ve finally decided to stop spending on the expensive drinks, and make my own. 

The Ingredients! 






-Chia seeds


-Chobani’s vanilla yogurt! 

In case you don’t know this already… Let me just tell you that Chia seeds are simply amazing!! Don’t believe me? In a single serving (1 tbsp) they have 3 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. One of the many benefits of these mini super-seeds is that you can hardly taste them in a homemade blended smoothie. 

After serving Hailee her smoothie, she took a drink and exclaimed, “Mom, this is amazing!”

I thought to myself as I looked at the delighted look on her face, yes this is amazing.

Oh how sweet this little and yet seemingly giant parenting victories feel:) 



Healthy=Happy (A dinner idea from my kitchen) 

Hello Friends, 

On Monday (everyone’s favorite;) 

I found myself in my kitchen thinking to myself…. Hmmm I should really cook something delicious, healthy, and quick for my family. And knowing it had been a little too long since I’ve done a good shop at the grocery store, my search through my kitchen inventory began. 

A few things came to mind:

-What’s fast?

-What’s good? 

-What healthy? 

After all who doesn’t like a delicious, healthy, and quick meal?  I know I do! The only dinner that may be better then that is one that requires minimal clean up. Right? 

Well you’re in luck! Because that is exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post. 

I started a pot of boiling eggs, to cook away while my dinner prep began. 

Then I preheated my oven to 350.

Threw some boneless/skinless chicken thighs into a baking dish with a stick of real butter, garlic salt, and thyme. 

Rinsed some potatoes, and carrots.

Trimmed the carrots. 

Grabbed another baking dish, and added my veggies, butter, and desired seasonings. 

Put both dishes into the oven for an hour.  


This was the outcome:

A high protein, quick, delicious, and simple meal! 

A few tips from my kitchen

1. Keep some staple items on hand for a quick go-to dinner idea.

 – A bag of frozen chicken

-A frozen loaf of bread

 -A bag of potatoes 

– Frozen or canned vegetables 

-cream of chicken soups (can be used for a quick casserole)

2. Think high protein, low carb

3. Clean up, as you go 

4. Use one baking dish if you can

5. Download an awesome app for dinner ideas (I love the budget dinners app) 

6. Make it colorful

7. Make a list (at least a mental one) before going grocery shopping

8. Fall in love with cooking!:) 



Our Birth Story: Trina Elise

If you’re faint of heart and expecting this may not be the “Birth Story” for you.

It so hard to believe it will be a year in October….

As it feels like weeks, and at times only days ago when I laid awake at night uncomfortable, agitated, and impatient. Swift little kicks from tiny little feet seemed to be bruising my body on the inside, and I am almost certain I would get up to pee about 10+ times every night. This little one was nearly as late as her big sister was as my date came and went. Week one slowly crawled by, and we made it well into week two. Still waiting.

I had eagerly counted down the days for her arrival. I had put so much hope into a due-date (9/24)  that when she didn’t come, my tears did instead. I was heartsick as I had hoped she would have been in my arms already. I thought she would be snuggled up in the crib beside me by now. I could hardly wait to meet my baby girl. The thought of her overwhelmed me with an indescribable joy.

I had gone to the hospital multiple times with false labor pains, or as some call it prodromal labor. Then finally the contractions began in my back as I laid awake in bed the morning of October 4th, 2014. Afraid that I would be crying wolf for the third, or possibly the fourth time I continued to lay in bed and quietly timed my contractions alone. These contractions felt different, they were powerful, so after I timed consistent intervals between them I knew it was time. I promptly shared the news with Coltin.

He was excited. His eyes lit up and he called the hospital to let them know we would be on our way.  I love his love for Fatherhood.

Trina Elise was FINALLY on her way into the world.

As we made it to the hospital the joy, thrill, and excitement overwhelmed us. I must add there was fear mixed into that cocktail of emotions as well. After all we all know that giving birth is no easy task.

I had a nearly 7-page birth plan in my hospital bag and I was pretty sure I knew exactly what I wanted and, exactly what I didn’t.

I wanted my husband Coltin there, one of my best friends Sheila Karonis to be there, and I wanted a safe and swift vaginal delivery.

I did not want… a C-section… an episiotomy, I definitely didn’t want a mirror, or for Coltin to cut the umbilical cord before it stopped pulsating. I also did not want any pain. I wanted NO pain. None.

While in London I gave birth to my first daughter and I had an epidural but it was not as nearly effective as one may hope. So this time around in the States I wanted a very effective epidural. I talked to many other moms that received them and it sounded like their labor and deliveries were near painless. To my delight a painless delivery sounded like a promising possibility.

So that is what I wanted, and that is what I prepared myself for. No pain. None. Swift and easy. Ill be in-and-out in no time. The IV and other needles may hurt a little, but after that I will be numb and ready to get this show on the road. Smooth sailing here we come!

Well lets just say that things did not go as planned.

Not even close.

Things were going as planned for a while. Epidural was in, and I was numb and pretty comfortable. Itchy very very itchy but I wasn’t in pain.

Then suddenly when I was approximately 9-10 centimeters dilated the pain came over me like I never could have imagined. I had a tiny relief on my upper left side but full blown contractions on the right side of my body,  and I could certainly feel EVERYTHING from the waist down.

I felt blindsided. Blindsided with a level of pain that I didn’t know existed, blindsided with fear, and blindsided with the realization that it was too late for anyone to do anything for me.

I hysterically screamed and cried. I was begging for someone to give me something, anything to take the pain away….

and all I got in return was about 5 people yelling back at me



and my breath was taken away from my own screaming.

As I gasped an oxygen mask was urgently strapped my face, because my babies heart rate was dropping….

and as I fought to catch my breath, another wave of pain would seemingly overtake me.

I cried out to God in prayer and I begged those around me to help me.

We prayed.

No one there could take the pain, and the only ONE who could take my pain… did not.

Spiritually, I had not prepared myself for any plan other then my own.

Emotionally, I had not prepared for any plan other then my own.

and physically …. well let’s just say I had no idea what I was in for.

I was suffering. I was suffering a level of pain that I have no idea how women choose to endure more then once.

There are some strong women out there who go all natural multiple times,  but i’m pretty sure there is at least some preparation, meditation, or setting of the mind that goes into that?!?!

Finally my contractions stopped.

They stopped suddenly.

It was over.

She was here.

I felt disillusioned as she was wrapped in a blanket before my eyes and placed warmly on my chest.

I was shaking, and as I held her I cried…

I cried because she was perfectly beautiful,  perfectly healthy, and mine…

My body was shaking because of all I had just endured, and I cried because I was angry…

I cried because things went so differently then I had prayed for, and so differently then I expected. What happened to my plan?

I had no idea it was possible to cry so many tears because of so many emotions all at the very same time!

God used me to bring a second life into the world and it was so painful.  It was extremely painful, but man it was worth it!

I had no idea there was so much love in my heart, that I could love a second child as much as I love my first. I had no idea I was capable of joyfully getting up in the middle of the night to feed little tummies, and to change little bums. I had no idea wordless sounds, and soft cries would be like music to my ears. I had no idea that I had this much room in my heart, and the desire to give all that I am to give them the best life they could possibly ever have, and though it took me a while to recover emotionally and physically from the labor and delivery…. I can say my little girls are worth it! The pain was worth it! Every second of suffering were worth it. The screams and feelings of helplessness were worth it! The months of physical therapy I needed post-partum…. WORTH IT!

I screamed out in prayer, I begged God to relieve my pain and he didn’t do it exactly when I wanted him to. He did however eventually take the pain, and not only did he take the pain he comforted me.

He comforted me through my loving husband, and my friend Sheila. He comforted me through  the tiny little fingers that held tightly to my hand, and through the beautiful little eyes that looked up at me. He gave me a second child, and I am so  grateful and excited to celebrate her first Birthday next month.

Our God is an amazing God, and he answers prayers perfectly in his timing:)

~Family Maternity Shoot~

Very excitingly we are now only about a month away from meeting our second baby girl


~Trina Elise Rohn~   

is due to arrive on September 24th, 2014!

2014-08-23 18.06.38

I can hardly wait to hold her in my arms, and kiss her sweet little face.

Though pregnancy has it’s discomforts,  I understand it is an absolute blessing from God!

I have decided to cherish this blessing of motherhood and these last weeks of pregnancy by taking


pictures. Lot and lots and lots of pictures!!

2014-08-23 17.57.25

Hailee already loves her little Sister!

2014-08-23 17.03.41-1

She loves Trina this much

2014-08-23 17.35.16

my heart

2014-08-23 16.27.27

Creative fun


black & white


My absolute best friend, love of my life, and best father to our girls I could of dreamed of




just me & trina


fun with daddy


Precious moments


hugs for her baby sister



so blessed


daddy & daughter






DYI Maternity Photo shoot.

Photos taken with our cell phones, and edited with apple, and instagram filters.

Photos taken at Red Rock in Lynn Massachusetts 🙂

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