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French Onion Soup 

It’s stormy today in Orange County California, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the pouring rain, and whistling wind.

This time of year I love to serve my family steamy savory soups that help ward off any winter woes. 

One of our favorites is French Onion Soup! I hope you enjoy my recipe as much as we do: 

1st-  Wash & peel your onions. I use about 5-6 at a time

2nd- Cook onions in about 3/4 stick of real butter on medium to high heat until carmalized. When onions are almost done carmelizing add a heap of minced garlic.

3rd- slightly reduce heat & add 1/2 cup of flour to the already well carmalized onions and stir. 

4th Slightly brown flour.

5th Add 1/4 cup of red wine to deglaze and simmer for  5-10 minutes 

6- get ready to add beef broth 

Should look something like this before you add the broth to the mix! (Slowly add two cartons of broth) 

Season and simmer! 

I add a splash of basalmic vinegar and soy sauce to strengthen and warm the taste!

Then add dry seasonings such as thyme, tsp. of brown sugar, salt and a tiny bit of nutmeg. Rosemary is also a favored option! 

**Helpful hint- Seasonings can be costly. The bagged seasoning in the international section of the grocery store are far more affordable! **

Simmer on low 15-20 min…

Then add bread (preferably bagged “toast”)

*Such a convenient find! 🙂

Generously lavish in cheese. Muenster and Swiss or preferable, however you can use what you have. I had shredded mozzarella in the fridge and so I went with that. 

If you have an oven safe pan, transfer it into the oven and slightly broil in order to brown the cheese (of course make sure there are no kiddos in the kitchen!) 

Serve and enjoy! 

💜  Mandee 

Summer Salad or Splendid Side Dish 

Well Hello! 

I threw some random ingredients together last week, and the result was yummmazzing! 

So I decided to share the recipe with you. 


-One can of white beans 

-One can of shredded chicken breast (precooked) 

-Sun dried tomoatos (I used a large handful of the chipotle flavored) 

-Shedded cheese (I used a large handful of mozzarella)

-mayonnaise (3/4 cup) 

-Salt to taste 


Gently heat the chicken & white beans in a sauce pan on the stove – remove from heat to cool

Mash the avacodo in a bowl with the mayonnaise and salt 

Then mix all the ingredients is a salad bowl! 

Enjoy warm or chilled! 



Healthy=Happy (A dinner idea from my kitchen) 

Hello Friends, 

On Monday (everyone’s favorite;) 

I found myself in my kitchen thinking to myself…. Hmmm I should really cook something delicious, healthy, and quick for my family. And knowing it had been a little too long since I’ve done a good shop at the grocery store, my search through my kitchen inventory began. 

A few things came to mind:

-What’s fast?

-What’s good? 

-What healthy? 

After all who doesn’t like a delicious, healthy, and quick meal?  I know I do! The only dinner that may be better then that is one that requires minimal clean up. Right? 

Well you’re in luck! Because that is exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post. 

I started a pot of boiling eggs, to cook away while my dinner prep began. 

Then I preheated my oven to 350.

Threw some boneless/skinless chicken thighs into a baking dish with a stick of real butter, garlic salt, and thyme. 

Rinsed some potatoes, and carrots.

Trimmed the carrots. 

Grabbed another baking dish, and added my veggies, butter, and desired seasonings. 

Put both dishes into the oven for an hour.  


This was the outcome:

A high protein, quick, delicious, and simple meal! 

A few tips from my kitchen

1. Keep some staple items on hand for a quick go-to dinner idea.

 – A bag of frozen chicken

-A frozen loaf of bread

 -A bag of potatoes 

– Frozen or canned vegetables 

-cream of chicken soups (can be used for a quick casserole)

2. Think high protein, low carb

3. Clean up, as you go 

4. Use one baking dish if you can

5. Download an awesome app for dinner ideas (I love the budget dinners app) 

6. Make it colorful

7. Make a list (at least a mental one) before going grocery shopping

8. Fall in love with cooking!:) 



Defeating Evil Thoughts (skit)

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 1 Corinthians 10:5

Roughly a couple of years ago I enjoyed a seeing a Women’s Ministry Leader (Lianne Kernan) ask for two volunteers during a lesson she was doing at a Conference.  Many in the crowd threw up their hands and waved them around hoping to be chosen; as she chose two of the excited volunteers.

As the girls made their way to the stage one of the learned she was to be herself; a disciple in the skit. The other was to pretend to be…. an unwanted thought. The disciple was instructed to take the “thought” captive. As we might expect this illustration of 1 Corinthians 10:5 was extremely amusing as the sister tried to wrestle the “thought” to the ground. Arms and legs were flailing about as they tried to take each other captive.

The 2-person skit was a brilliant visual of such a powerful passage. It painted a picture that one doesn’t easy forget, as we as women battle undesired thoughts day in and day out.

I have been sharing a “Love the Lord your God” series with the women here in Boston. The topic for last nights Women’s Midweek Service was all about loving God with all of our minds. As I sat down at my desk to craft the lesson I was going to share… that brief, comical, and brilliant little skit came to mind!! So I remembered how inspired by it I was and decided to put together a little skit of my own for the women here in Boston! It was also very impactful as the women saw 1 corinthians 10:5 come to life!

Please enjoy!:)

Women’s Midweek Skit


Sister 1: Disciple (Jenny Rydstedt)

Sister 2: Evil Thoughts (Dishauna Hydes)

Sister 3:Discipling Partner (Nancy Joseph)

Scene: Jenny comes up and stands near the pulpit near the narrator.

Dishauna (Evil Thought) quickly and obnoxiously runs up on stage, and firmly places her hand on Jenny’s head!

Jenny and Dishauna freeze, and stand side-by-side facing the audience.

Narrator explains that sadly we sometimes get comfortable with our evil thoughts. Jenny then acts cozy/comfortable with Dishauna’s hand still firmly on her head.

Narrator explains that Jenny becomes friends with Dishauna (evil thought) Jenny then offers Dishauna a snack, or does something friendly.

Narrator then explains that Jenny starts to entertain the thought.

Jenny then attempts to juggle, and entertain Dishauna (Hand still firmly on head)

Jenny then try’s to share the evil thought. She walks together with Dishauna through the fellowship, and tries really hard to place Dishauna’s other hand on another sister’s head.

Jenny returning with Dishauna to the front of the room gets tired of the thought, and tries to remove her hand but she can’t. Dishauna keeps her hand firmly planted on Jenny’s head.


Narrator asks! What are we supposed to do?

-Jenny calls her discipler Nancy confesses her unrighteous thoughts.

-Nancy comes up front to help!

-Nancy at first aggressively says, “Jenny just stop thinking that way!!” and Nancy then attempts to aggressively pull Dishauna’s hand off of jenny’s head…. but she cannot do it!

-Nancy then helps renew Jenny’s mind by sharing a scripture from her QT and prays with Jenny.

Dishauna then loosens her grasp, and slowly lifts her hand from Jenny’s head. Dishauna then hangs her head low and she walks away sad as she knows she has been defeated by prayer, and discipling with the word of God.


My Little Boutique

This little online boutique is one of the avenues I will use to help me raise some of my world missions contribution. World missions is a twice annual time of fundraising and giving of our personal finances to help plant churches. This time of giving is to support missionaries around the globe who strive to see the world evangelized for Jesus in our day! Thank you so much to all the Mandee’s Madness supporters as by buying from my little boutique you help make my missions goal all the more possible.



Timothy: A lesson on what it looks like to be one’s “Timothea”






Entrusted to be a woman



This is the first part of a lesson that I was able to share with the women at last years North-Eastern winter workshop in New York City. As I read through this lesson today I feel called higher, and see that I have some changes to make in order to further embrace my God given femininity, and  to truly be the woman I want to be for my husband. 



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