Between my recent move from Boston, to Lake Forest (Orange County California), motherhood, marriage, and ministry duties my blog has undeniably had to take a seat wayyy in the back for quite some time.

Even now as I write I’m midflight on my journey back home, after spending an outstanding week in London England  where my husband and I were honored to have been able to participate and speak at a very impactful conference; the European Missions Conference.
Overall I am aware that there are so many great advantages to having a vibrant web platform, and yet in the midst of my lack of time, and lack of blog focus I’ve remained a bit puzzled as to which direction I’ve really wanted to take this.

I have an undeniably wide spectrum of ideas, and so I’ve decided to think about what I’d really like to accomplish with having my own website, and have finally began  to narrow it down.

What I’d like to accomplish with this blog is this:

1. Blog about being a woman in the ministry, and a Christian wife & mother in hopes to drive more traffic to my church’s website, and to the websites of the other churches within our movement of global churches.

**Please checkout the hashtag #ilovemychurchicc to see what we’ve been up to! Furthermore take a look at to what we are up to in LA!

Also please see:

2. Secondly, I’d like to drive more traffic to my Etsy store “everycreatureart” so as to help it become an effective avenue through which I raise funds to support the planting of churches worldwide, and needs within both my physical and church families.  Take a look-

3.  And lastly for fun I’ll share an occasional recipe, my artwork and crafts, my travel adventures, a glimpse into what I do for fun, and my family life:)

Hopefully this will take shape sooner then later- Please stay tuned!:)