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May 2016

This is an original painting by Mandee M. Rohn

This painting is probably my personal favorite so far.

Rhinoceros are magnificant animals, and I absolutely love having this painting on my wall!

If interested in owning this one of a kind painting:

Visit my gallery here: EveryCreatureArt



The Beast an original acrylic painting by Mandee M. Rohn 


Summer Salad or Splendid Side Dish 

Well Hello! 

I threw some random ingredients together last week, and the result was yummmazzing! 

So I decided to share the recipe with you. 


-One can of white beans 

-One can of shredded chicken breast (precooked) 

-Sun dried tomoatos (I used a large handful of the chipotle flavored) 

-Shedded cheese (I used a large handful of mozzarella)

-mayonnaise (3/4 cup) 

-Salt to taste 


Gently heat the chicken & white beans in a sauce pan on the stove – remove from heat to cool

Mash the avacodo in a bowl with the mayonnaise and salt 

Then mix all the ingredients is a salad bowl! 

Enjoy warm or chilled! 



Eat your veggies! 

Hello Mamas!

This ones for you. 

I’m the incredibly blessed mother of two little girls, ages 1 1/2 and a soon to be 5 year old. 

My youngest Trina eats pretty much anything!! As a matter of fact she ate almost an entire tomato for breakfast this morning. 

On the other hand Hailee is sooo picky. Dinner time is a battle, as she has even requested to go to bed early to avoid tasting anything new. Even though I granted permission I was a perplexed when she literally went to her room, and tucked herself in for the night. 

For a few years she really struggled with constipation, and I eventually turned to a laxative called miralax (reluctantly) and the naked juice drinks. I was desperately trying to help her to get things moving! 

The miralax,  and the naked juice drinks helped out some. However the preblended drinks are costly, and as you know the miralax is a supplement. I really want my little one to eat her veggies, and solve this in the healthiest and easiest possible way. 

Though we have made great progress, she still needs to develop a healthy diet. 

So what is a mom to do?? 

-Cry? Maybe.

-Beg her to eat her veggies? Of course! 

-Try to sneak them onto an occasional sandwich? Absolutely! 

I’ve finally decided to stop spending on the expensive drinks, and make my own. 

The Ingredients! 






-Chia seeds


-Chobani’s vanilla yogurt! 

In case you don’t know this already… Let me just tell you that Chia seeds are simply amazing!! Don’t believe me? In a single serving (1 tbsp) they have 3 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. One of the many benefits of these mini super-seeds is that you can hardly taste them in a homemade blended smoothie. 

After serving Hailee her smoothie, she took a drink and exclaimed, “Mom, this is amazing!”

I thought to myself as I looked at the delighted look on her face, yes this is amazing.

Oh how sweet this little and yet seemingly giant parenting victories feel:) 



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