Hello Friends, 

On Monday (everyone’s favorite;) 

I found myself in my kitchen thinking to myself…. Hmmm I should really cook something delicious, healthy, and quick for my family. And knowing it had been a little too long since I’ve done a good shop at the grocery store, my search through my kitchen inventory began. 

A few things came to mind:

-What’s fast?

-What’s good? 

-What healthy? 

After all who doesn’t like a delicious, healthy, and quick meal?  I know I do! The only dinner that may be better then that is one that requires minimal clean up. Right? 

Well you’re in luck! Because that is exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post. 

I started a pot of boiling eggs, to cook away while my dinner prep began. 

Then I preheated my oven to 350.

Threw some boneless/skinless chicken thighs into a baking dish with a stick of real butter, garlic salt, and thyme. 

Rinsed some potatoes, and carrots.

Trimmed the carrots. 

Grabbed another baking dish, and added my veggies, butter, and desired seasonings. 

Put both dishes into the oven for an hour.  


This was the outcome:

A high protein, quick, delicious, and simple meal! 

A few tips from my kitchen

1. Keep some staple items on hand for a quick go-to dinner idea.

 – A bag of frozen chicken

-A frozen loaf of bread

 -A bag of potatoes 

– Frozen or canned vegetables 

-cream of chicken soups (can be used for a quick casserole)

2. Think high protein, low carb

3. Clean up, as you go 

4. Use one baking dish if you can

5. Download an awesome app for dinner ideas (I love the budget dinners app) 

6. Make it colorful

7. Make a list (at least a mental one) before going grocery shopping

8. Fall in love with cooking!:)