Hello Friends, 

Approximately 25 minutes ago “earth day” came to an end. I’ll be honest… something about this particular day bothers me a little. It’s not “earth day” itself that bewilders and unsettles me, but rather the idea of recognizing, and considering the needs of our home just once a year.  

It’s wonderful that we have a special day to acknowledge the needs of our planet. For people to get educated, for many to go out and plant trees, recycle a few things, and participate in beach cleanups.  

However …shouldn’t  we acknowledge, appreciate, and care for our world everyday? 

Instead of billions of dollars being spent in search of another livable planet, why not just care for the one we have?

Shouldn’t we constantly consider the needs of those not yet born?

I recently looked at one of my children, and I had a deep desire for the condition of the world her children would grow up in to be livable….

However I want so much more then that! I don’t just want my children’s earth to be livable. I want it to be beautiful, and I want them to stand in awe of God’s  creations. I want my children, and their children to have clean water to drink! I want them to have fresh morning air to take deep breaths of, I want them to have ocean waves, and rivers to play in without fear of nuclear waste.  I want them to love nature, and I want them to feel safe as they enjoy it. 

I want to do my part to help make this possible.

Currently I recycle every week.

 I turn off the tap nearly every time I brush my teeth.

I purchase the “tube-less” toilet paper, and I occasionally ask for paper bags instead of plastic. 

Today I realized that I can do so much more for our planet. 

I want to do more, and I will do more. 



Mandee ❤