Those who know me well, know that I passionately love Women’s Day! Only once a year do just the girls have this very special day, on which, we as a church host a life changing event. Since we have planted the Church in Boston 2012, we have had two Women’s Days, and in just forty days we will be opening the doors to our third Women’s Day “Worthy”!

Our first Women’s Day we hosted was entitled “Fearless”!

2013 WomensDay_FRONT.jpg

“Fearless” was in November, and the color scheme was…. Fall:) Beautiful pumpkins took the role of vases on the ivory covered tables. fearlessdine.jpg

and the women who shared testimonials talked about the things that with God’s help they were able to fearlessly face, and overcome.


Theresa Broom flew in and delivered a powerful keynote presentation, that inspired women to conquer their fears, by pursuing a biblical relationship with God.

Secondly we had our Women’s Day last March entitled, “Stronger”


This was a really fun theme! Swing music, and a 40’s theme set the tone, for an outstanding time!  It was refreshing to hear an impactful message by Brittany Underhill about true biblical strength, and very woman in the room was called to be “Stronger” by embracing a relationship with God.  The testimonials that the women shared moved everyone in a very powerful way.



Brittany’s Keynote:

To our God’s incredible glory, we have had more than one-to-one visitors at both of our previous Women’s Days!  And of the greatest encouragement is the women who’s lives have forever been changed, as they have become Christians as a result of attending this spectacular event.

I’m eagerly looking forward to this years Women’s Day that is now just 40 days away! 


“WORTHY” will be our theme for this years conference!

My amazing husband encouraged me to be our keynote speaker this year, and I’m so excited to share from my heart on this topic.


If you are in, or you know of anyone in the Massachusetts, or New England area, please do not hesitate to invite them to join us on March 19th for this life changing time:)

Thank you!

Mandee M. Rohn