Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

It was one of those prayers that I began praying as a newly baptized disciple of Jesus back in the Summer of 2006.  “God please save my parents, please allow them to become disciples, and receive their salvation in the waters of baptism….”

My parents lived near Eugene, Oregon at the time I started praying this for them, and so my prayers really didn’t seem all that “impossible” back then. My Dad even began studying the scriptures, and making notable changes in his life. However in 2006 he made the decision that he just wasn’t ready to make Jesus the Lord of his life, and him and my Mom moved to Northern Idaho much closer to many of our family members, and much much further from any of the churches that I knew were preaching biblical discipleship,  and baptism.

…….My prayers for them began to feel “impossible” at times….

My parents did however put great effort into finding biblical teaching in Idaho, and they met some amazing people along the way. People whom I know planted great seeds of faith in their hearts.

However my Dad always felt something was missing.

Over a span of 9 years my parents longed for the zeal, and love of the sold-out movement, and they would visit our fellowship every once in awhile over the years.

And after every visit they seemed to fall more and more in love.

They fell more in love with God,  with the disciples, the way of life that is so radically different then that of the world, and more in love with His Kingdom.

God is so faithful,  and he has shown me time and time again that HE has the power to make anything that seems impossible, a reality!

I will never give up on praying for my family, as we have many many more in our family who need a biblical relationship with God 🙂

Thank you to all the Eugene Disciples who influenced and inspired my family from 2006-2007. Thank you also to all the disciples who gave all our their hearts to make Coltin and I’s wedding so special back in 2010, my parents saw a great glimpse of God’s love that day. Im so grateful for my husband, and all the disciples here in Boston as they have prayed earnestly, and faithfully instructed my Dad & Mom in the ways of the Lord.

~Please enjoy these videos of my Parents Baptisms~

April Shanks is Baptized January 3rd 2016

Mark Shanks is Baptized January 6th 2016 

~a few photos~

My Parents as Disciples

Ted Karonis- The Midnight Baptizer! 
after midnight still fellowshipping 
United in Christ