As a Women’s Ministry Leader, few things bring me as much joy as seeing other women enter into a biblical relationship with God! The Boston International Church has been greatly encouraged by the addition of these precious souls being added to the family here over the last few months.

Please enjoy these videos of these amazing sisters being added to the Kingdom through the refreshing waters of baptism, or through the grace of restoration 🙂







~Jeanine: (Video unavailable) However you can find her on FB as Jeanine Calhoun and encourage her there!:)

~Latisha: (Video unavailable)


Please pray for these amazing women as they continue to learn how to walk steadily with our God, I hope this news of these sisters brings you joy and encouragement as we remember that Jesus is the only reason for the season. Glory to our mighty and powerful God forever and ever! Amen:)

All My Love & Merry Christmas!

Mandee Rohn