Three missed calls minutes apart.

8:23pm missed

8:26pm missed

8:30pm missed

Followed by a text message that shouted for my immediate attention.

“Call me ASAP”

This made my hands tremble, and my stomach do back flips on Sunday evening.

What could this anxious attempt to reach me be about?

What did my little brother need?

It turned out he had just received a terrifying call from my Dad.

After leaving for a short time he headed home, and found the house completely engulfed in fire.

“Where is Mom?!”

“Where is Kaila?!

”Where is Daimeyn?!”

My Mom was at work, though neither of us knew where our older sister and nephew were…

Hands still trembling, and now in tears I hung up the phone and waited….

By God’s incredible love, protection and mercy it was not long afterward that we found out that every member of our family was perfectly safe. The fire did take the precious life of a family dog, though four others escaped with the help of a neighbor and thankfully were unharmed.

It’s baffling how we all spend years to fill a home with belongings.

Some belongings are saved up for, some gifts, while others have been passed down from one generation to another.

Then we discover that it takes an hour and a half… only an instant and everything can vanish.

The reality is that nothing we own is eternal.

Our human natures find security in the home we live in, the pictures in the albums, our own comfy beds, clothing in the drawers and closets, and the food in our kitchens.

And if someone does not have a relationship with God, when all these things disappear… one’s security is grappled for and too often cannot be found.

Once the shock of whatever challenge you face subsides and reality sets in would you still feel secure? Sadness and security are feelings that can be felt at the same time, though one of these feelings will have a greater presence, and it’s the one you choose to feel more that reveals whether or not you are conscious of God’s hand in your life.

Where do you find security?

True security comes from having a deep, and meaningful relationship with God.

It breaks my heart to think of people who have been in a situation like this and were not nearly as fortunate. All except for life can be replaced. So we understand that if life remains after all else is gone, then we can get down on our knees take a deep breath and say, “Thank you God.” We learn that where there is life there is hope, where there is life there is a future, and where there is life there is an opportunity to evaluate where one stands in their relationship with God.

It’s times like these whether fire, or another unexpected hardship that God truly catches ones eye, it’s as though he is raising His voice the way we do when we want someone’s attention.

When hard times come your way…will you seek to build a relationship with God? Will you give Him your undivided attention?

“Seek my face…in their misery
 they will earnestly seek me.’” Hosea 5:15

Sometimes when the times are the toughest we learn the importance of the life we live, how we live it, and for whom we live it. Then we can understand the importance of the life that follows.

If you are going through any sort of hardship in your life and would like support, prayers, or guidance in the word of God feel free to contact my husband or myself at

  • 8/18/13–My parents, sister & nephews home burned down. Despite this challenge we are very grateful to God that no one was hurt. My family is optimistic however since the firemen determined that, “nothing is salvageable” they have found shelter in a local motel room with little more then the clothes they were wearing at the time. One of the lessons that I have learned is that when we ask for help, people are willing to help. Thank you so much to anyone who has helped us in anyway. I have attached the link below for anyone who would like to donate, please know that no matter the amount of the donation it will be appreciated and it will be helpful to replace something (no matter how small) that has been lost.  (Example: $2.00= Coffee cup, $5.00= Socks…ect.”)

Special Thanks:

Thank you to my family in Oregon & Idaho, and also for my amazing In-laws!

Thank you to my husband for his support, love and friendship.

Thank you to anyone who has prayed.

Thank you to anyone who has donated.

Thank you Archies IGA, and Aunt Vickies for allowing a donation can in your stores.  

Thank you Country Fair clothing, and Timber country for offering 40% off of my family’s purchases. Thank you also to the other local business who have helped or are helping.

Thank you Handy Corner Restaurant for bringing a meal to my family.